Can Photographers Make Money

In these times of economic crisis, where everything from petrol to potatoes are going up, you may start thinking about making some extra cash to supplement your ever-depleting income. As an amateur photographer you may well be asking – so “can photographers make money?”

Well, be pleased to know there are several ways – you just need to be creative, have a little imagination and be willing to put in a bit of effort. Luckily enough these are the same skills it takes to be a photographer in the first place.

Take heart that you are already ahead – in that you will no doubt have the equipment you need to get started. A fairly decent camera, a good selection of lenses, a tripod and some photo-editing software.

Before we go any further I must just say one thing – that YES it is still possible to make money from photography. You may think that these days there is just way too much competition. I mean everyone has a camera – don’t they? From one on their phone to the largest most expensive SLR and beyond. However what you need to keep in mind is that 98% of pictures are awful. Most never see the light of day and those that do are blurred, awkwardly posed, heavy colour casts and poorly lit. There is only so much that can be done to a correct a photo like that.

So take heart my friend and remember that with the skills you already possess you are head and shoulders above most of the people with a camera in their pocket.

Take this example of a birthday party I went to recently. The hostess hired a neighbour’s son who was an amateur photographer to take some pictures. Now as often happens nearly everyone who attended bought a digital camera with them. However as the party got going who there remembered to take any pictures?. Those that did their photos ended up exhibiting most of the issues I laid out above. The man who had been hired as the official photographer uploaded his pictures to a website. Everyone who attended was sent a link and we were able, for a nominal fee, to either download or have printed any photos we wanted.

So in conclusion to the question asked at the start of this article “Can Photographers Make Money” – The answer is a most resounding YES!